Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's give some thanks....

Well, it's Thanksgiving again! this year it really snuck up with this starting my business thing and J opening his shop we haven't had time to really think about anything past paying the rent! In New Zealand we obviously don't have Thanksgiving either so many years it just passes me by apart from eating a little of someone else's turkey....but this year I'm cooking a big old roast turkey and a ton of vegetables just for the 2 of us, dinner includes an old fashioned Christmas pudding which I know if a bit early but YUM.
Here's a couple things that I am very, very grateful for this year, and what a year it was!

Most grateful to come from this place. Hoping my little business enables me to spend more time in NZ over the next couple years....MISS it always.

Def' giving thanks to this guy for marrying me in June, what was he thinking?

Thanks to my Mum who loves vintage and digging through junk stores just as much as me, plus she reads my blog even on weeks when it seems no-one else really is!....thanks Mum!

Thank the heavens for friends like this.

Hugely grateful for all my vintage buddies this year, not sure how I would've got by without the mad online Etsy/twitter/blog (and in market) crew who help me feel normal when I actually feel crazed.

.....and thanks for my shop. It's in such a steep learning curve right now and god knows how it will do long term but super awesome that this year I got to spend more time doing it...and next year? kinda can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, what are you most thankful for this year?


  1. I thank YOU for being there.

  2. What a lovely post!
    I reckon Thanksgiving ought to be an international festival.Too many don't realise just how good they have it.
    Me? I'm thankful for too many things to mention!:)

  3. Beautiful post Amy! And thank you for being an amazing online vintage buddy!

  4. Aw, I am thankful to have made a friend like you too this year, they come few and far between. xox

  5. You're such a cutie. And if you come back for a holiday one day, make sure you let me know so i can zoom to wherever you are!


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