Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1930s Swimwear

Love flipping through this May 6th, 1936 issue of "Home Notes", this advertisement for a 'sea smock' caught my eye, I'd love a sea smock! Got me thinking about the actual swimsuits of the time and with one click I found this amazing video of 1930s bathing beauties. I am sure it has been blogged many times but in case you missed it, check it out!

What struck me is how modern the designs are, not sure why but I imagined 30s swimmers to still be fairly 'covered up'...it was an education to read about it, bikinis, cut outs...flesh was bared in the 30s!

Not sure about you but I'd wear almost all of the swimsuits in this video.... (there's also a rather hunky gentleman wearing his own swimmers, keep watching). Below this are some of my favourite suits from the "sale" ad....a quick search in Etsy and I found some darling vintage 'twins'....enjoy!


Coral Vintage
The Splendid Suitcase




  1. Great little video, and your picks to match the sales or perfect. although, Tarzan was the highlight of the show, what a hunk!

  2. Absolutely love this! Thank you very much for including our swimsuit! x

  3. so need to make me one of those playsuits,cute video


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